Airline & Specialized Services

technology for travel

With extensive experience working with large and small companies within the airline industry, we have the capabilities and knowledge to create solutions that prioritize security, efficiency and ease of use. Along with offices in South Africa, East Africa, United Kingdom and North America, we have a network of strategic partnerships around the world that enable us to offer our clients the best quality of service.
Equipment Installation & Support
We install specialized equipment including mobile computer counters and printers. Our experienced team offers ongoing maintenance and support.
Mobile computer counters
Specialized printers
Support and maintenance
Infrastructure Design & Maintenance
We provide full-service IT infrastructure services, including consulting and design, installation and maintenance.
Free consultation
Full-scale IT design
Installation services
Maintenance and remote support
Connectivity & Networking Support
We work with our clients to install and maintain a networking infrastructure that meets your needs.
Servers & networking
Wan/Lan Design
Hardware Support
Disruptions caused by malfunctioning or outdated equipment can be frustrating and expensive. We ensure that your hardware is fully functional and up to date, and offer quick troubleshooting solutions when needed.
Desktop & laptop IT support
Mac hardware solutions